2016 i’m coming for you!

Hello and welcome to my little space of internet. It’s the start of a new year and with new years come new goals, one of mine being to start (and maintain) an online blog. So here I am!

This blog will mainly be for fitness related ramblings, I think I bore people in real life with my incessant need to talk about different exercises, running routes and gym gear, so instead all of you lovely people get to read about them.  I started my fitness journey a good few years ago now, finally realising that I was over weight and decided I would start running, got the bug and never looked back. These days I like to mix it up with running, weight lifting and gym classes, I’m definitely a fair weather runner so this winter has seen me mostly in the gym.

Below is a picture taken before I started my journey to get fit and the other is of my progress just before December. I’ve started a new 12 week program which i’ll share the details of as we go through the weeks.


I do have a head, promise! For some reason it was cropped out of the first photo so I couldn’t possible have it in the second one!

Anyway, there we are, first post done, hope you enjoy going through my journey with me.




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