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Get up, get going!

I’m a morning person, always have been. So it makes sense that I work out in the mornings. For me it’s become routine, get up about 5.30am, gym for 6am, out of there at 7, showered, dressed and at work for 8. Why? Take a look at the picture below, gym all to myself, I love that!


There’s much debate about whether gymming on a fasted stomach burns more fat calories as opposed to carb calories if you work out later in the day. To be honest I don’t really care what the truth is, I think the best time of day to work out for anyone is when they ‘feel’ it most. If you’re energised and like to shake off the days work by training in the evening or like to get yourself out of the office and get your workout done in your lunch break then do it. There’s little point in forcing yourself out of bed at ungodly hour if you’re not going to be at your best.

IMG_1885[1]I do try to make things a bit easier at that time in the morning by making sure my gym outfit is laid out and my bag is packed with food and clothes for the next day before I go to bed. I’m also helped along by pre-workouts, caffeine (and other delights) packed powders which are mixed with water and drank about half an hour before a work out. They give me that boost I need to get fired up for a good workout. I’ll do a review on various pre-workouts later, but at the moment my favourite is ON Nutrition Gold Standard , it gives that boost without too much of the itching some of the others give.

Getting to the gym and being able to do your work out in any order you want without having to wait for kit is also a massive draw for me. Once the work out is over and i’m showered and dressed and headed to the office knowing I’ve already been to the gym also makes me feel a tiny bit smug. Occasionally I do get a 2pm slump if I’ve hard a particularly hard session, usually leg day, but nothing a good coffee can’t fix.

How do you feel about morning workouts??



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