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Thought I’d start posting some GOOTD’s (Gym Outfit of the Day) since I love having a look through other peoples blogs and seeing what they wear to the gym. So here it is:IMG_1908[1]IMG_1910[1]

Top: Under Armour, Leggings: Nike, Trainers: New Balance

I love that gym/workout wear has now become so much more pretty and colourful, I actually look forward to putting my stuff on in the morning! The leggings are from Nike and are part of their range designed for running outdoors, I like these for the gym those as they’re slightly thicker than most of their other ranges and when you’re doing squats it’s nice to know they aren’t going see-through on your bottom!

Today was leg day number 2 for me. Currently doing 2 days of legs per week, one which is mostly body weight work and an unimaginable number of lunges, the other (today’s) is heavy weights and low reps. A full nights sleep last night meant I was refreshed and really went for it, upping my weights as much as possible, not sure I’ll be able to walk properly tomorrow though…..


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