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Sunday Funday

Hello, today was a brilliant day, completely off plan but I’m ok with that. My mum came down to Edinburgh to spend the day with me so we went to Mimis Bakehouse and had ‘before afternoon tea’, bacon sandwiches, cheese and chive scones, granola and some sweet treats too, incredibly delicious!

So, anyway today marks the end of my first four weeks of 2016’s plan. Its gone pretty well, high carbs so lots of energy for cardio. Weight loss was 8lbs but that was mostly Christmas weight gain, I tend to find high carbs bloat me and I carry a lot of water weight. The next phase is high protein with lower carbs, which is much better for giving me some definition, looking forward to that.

The rest of my Sunday involved food shopping, napping and food prep, photo of some of my meals below, I’ll post a full day of eating later in the week. Finishing my Sunday catching up on Nikki Blackketter video’s on YouTube. Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.


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