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I’ve lost that loving feeling!!

Apologies for the delay between posts, I was away with work the last week and it was crazy busy! My work involves a lot of travel and I don’t usually mind it but last week was a slog. I was staying in an ‘apartment’, a very loose word for it. I’d say it was a hotel room with a fridge and a microwave. Even with all of my meal prep I still found it hard to make sure I stayed on plan, re-heating my food in the micro just wasn’t doing it for. The nearest gym (that allowed day passes that weren’t crazy expensive) was a 30 minute drive away. With working away, longer commute to actually get to the place I was working and having to micro all my meals I just fell into a bit of a slump 😦

The whole week I only managed 2 lifting sessions and one very short run, still it was something I suppose… back home on Friday night, cheat meal and a renewed vigour when I woke up on Saturday morning. Had a really good gym session doing shoulders, bis and tris and even some cardio! Sunday also saw me at the gym training legs. I was pretty worried that the last week  where I lost my love for working out and eating clean, would have been the start of a downward, laziness spiral, but super glad I managed to pick things up and get going!

So, last week should have been ‘Week 8’ on plan but as it was a bit of a write of I’m going to do Week 8 again and start Week 9 next Monday, so I will be very much enjoying my 110 grams of carbs per day this week! Hoping to manage a couple more posts this week, if only to keep myself accountable and on track! Hope you all have a brilliant week!






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