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The Curse – Preworkout

The Curse by Cobra Labs in Lemon Rush is one of my favourite pre-workouts, maybe even in the top 5! So here is a picture of the packaging:


Pretty mean?!

The powder is a nice fluffy white one and it mixes REALLY well with water, no lumps, no undissolved bits, the flavour is intense and lemony but not overly so. I like to use 1 and a half scoops, make sure you only start with the recommended amount though 🙂

I take it about half an hour before I start my workout. This one is one of those that gives me a bit of an itch but the focus it gives me to get through my workout outweighs any unpleasantries of the itching.

The focus lasts through the workout and doesn’t leave me with any jitters afterwards. I’d highly recommend this one to anyone who needs a bit of a caffeine boost but isn’t interested in the ‘pump’ that some of the others can give.



Mixability: 5/5

Flavour 4/5

Focus 4/5

All in all a really good pre-workout.

Main ingredients (per serving): 145 mg caffeine, 1600 mg Beta Alanine, 1000 mg Creatine Monohydrate



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