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Spring has sprung!


Spring is finally here and I for one am extremely delighted! Driving to work when it’s light and coming home again……..when it’s still light is amazing!  I’ve been a bit quiet lately as I’ve had a terrible time getting over a bad cold/perhaps a touch of flu, haven’t we all lately?

Anyhow, yesterday was my first day back in the gym in about 10 days, opted for a leg day, weights were down but oh my am I feeling it today!

As the lighter nights have started I thought I might as well get out there and do my cardio outside, start running again, then I had the bright idea of signing up to a local 10K! So on the 15th May i’ll run my first race in over 2 years……eeek! So now I need to make sure I strike a good balance between training for the race and continuing to lift weights, any tips? Tonight was the start of my running training. A super short run to see where I am running-wise. I’m in Edinburgh for work at the moment so I just picked a circular route around the hotel i’m staying in. It felt pretty comfortable, although I did have to walk for a couple of bits, i’ve stretched and about to have a hot shower, so lets hope i’m not feeling it too much tomorrow….




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