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Missing in Action!

Oops! So i’ve not posted in a while, lots of things going on, fitness all over the place, but i’m back 🙂

Over the past couple of months i’ve continued training 4/5 times a week but hit a really long plateau which was very disheartening, so I got myself a personal trainer and she’s been kicking my ass back in to shape. More on the PT in future posts as shes a major woman crush and has her first bodybuilding competition this weekend, good luck Leanne!

I got myself on the fitness tracker bandwagon and got a Polar A360, it’s my favourite thing at the moment and deserves a post all on it’s own, so look out for that one coming next 🙂

In other news I booked my summer holidays, to Thailand, 11 weeks to go, so that’s my target to get myself in some kind of decent shape……….super excited to have a goal and I promise to actually post .my progress on here!

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