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Fitness Tracker – Polar A360

Everyone has one these days and I couldn’t possibly be left out! I wanted a fitness tracker that really was for fitness and not just a steps taken type of device, I don’t actually walk that many steps and it had to have some kind of heart rate monitor, so I decided on the Polar A360.

The aesthetics is something that is always commented on. When you’re with activity tracker friends and you all get your watches out to compare steps (you WILL do this, trust me!), people always comment that the Polar looks fancy. It does have quite a large screen, shiney silver bits on the side and a matte black strap, I believe it comes in other colours, but it was black for me so it wouldn’t colour clash with other things. (Actually it was the only colour they had in the shop at the time and I have no patience to wait for anything!).

So what does it do? Well, it records daily activity; steps, calories burnt, heart rate, sleep etc. It will give you a daily, weekly and monthly break down of everything either on the app or on the website, see image below. Last month I sat down a lot(!) and trained a lot, I think the week by week and month by month features are great to show how you progress over time. Syncing with the app is super easy, just hold the side button for 2 seconds and it will sync within a minute.


When you set it up you choose from 3 different level settings, I chose level 1 as my job involves sitting at a desk for most of the day, each level indicates how long you’d have to perform certain activities to achieve 100% of your daily goal;3









The battery life is pretty good, usually 4/5 days from a 20 minute charge, just make sure it doesn’t say low battery before you workout otherwise it will not let you record your workout, very annoying!

It also has a tendency to randomly light up, I haven’t worked out why it does this, anyone know? It isn’t a problem during the day but not ideal when you’re trying to sleep and your wrist is illuminating the whole room! You can put it into ‘do not disturb mode’ by pressing and holding the side button for 3 seconds until the menu comes up. It will still record your sleep and won’t vibrate to tell you to move. This function is also handy if you’re driving long distances, saves you feeling so bad that  you’ve sat and not moved in so long.

When you’re about to begin training you have to tell the watch what type of training you’re doing; strength, indoor, outdoor, group exercise, cycling or running. It then measures your heart rate over the course of the exercise and give you a calories burnt plus a ‘training benefit’ the example below shows a strength training workout which it decided was ‘tempo and steady state’. Something like a good spin class, Grit or Metafit tend to come in as maximum training.


Throughout the day the watch will continue to monitor your activity and tell you in percentage terms where you’re at. Once you reach 100% it will vibrate and do a little sequence to help you celebrate – this is the best feature ever! If you press the screen where it gives you the % you are at for the day it will then tell you how many minutes of jogging, walking, or being up and about you need to do to get to your goal.

I could ramble on forever about how much I love this fitness tracker and all of it’s cool features, it really is brilliant. Have any of you got the A360? What do you think of it?


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