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Ooodles of noodles or boodles

Hello there! Today we’re talking noodles, nope not the pasta kind, the butternut kind. I love butternut squash, so versatile for using in curries, bulking out pasta sauces or having as wedges instead of chips, i do not however like prepping it, i’m waaaay too lazy for that!

Lots of places do butternut cubes to save the hassle of peeling, deseeding and chopping it and finally lots more places are doing it in noodle form. For a good while we’ve been able to get courgetti (yuk!), now it’s boodles, butternut noodles! Marks and Spencer were the only shop to have them for ages and now, finally, Sainsburys has them too, hurray for Sainsbos! Why do i like them so much? they taste great and I can even have them on low carb days, fooling myself into thinking i’m having pasta, who doesn’t love the idea of pasta on a low carb day?

below is a pic of my favourite boodle meal; tuna steak, half a pack of boodles and some sweet chilli sauce for some flavour. The macros for half a bag are: 50 calories, 8.7g carbs 0.5g fat, 1.7g protein. Anyone else tried them? Any inspiration on what to have them with?


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