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Hiring a PT!

Recently I decided to employ the services of Leanne Forker, an Edinburgh based PT to kick my bum in to shape, and kick it she certainly did! She took one of the Grit Cardio classes at the gym local to me, her crazy enthusiasm and her being in prep for a bodybuilding competition motivated me to get her card and see what this ‘having a PT’ business was all about.

Session 1 was spent getting to understand where I was fitness wise, how heavy I could lift for shoulder press, chest press, squat and deadlift, taking my body measurements and body fat (urgh, higher than I had thought!), working out how often i’d be able going to the gym and whether I needed/wanted nutrition advice. Following that I signed up to a 4 week programme, 2 sessions a week. I didn’t opt for the nutritional plan though, just having someone to be accountable to is enough to keep me on track with eating.

Each session Leanne planned something different for me to do, sometimes focusing on lifting as much weight as I could, other times on doing circuits to get my heart rate going. I learned an awful lot in a short space of time, the main lesson – it’s ok to not complete a full set. This was something that always played on my mind and i’d choose lighter weights so that I could always do 4 sets of 10/12, with having a PT I learned it’s ok to use heavier weights and not manage as many reps in a set, just make sure the weight is heavy enough that you’re actually working.

I also learned about combining push and pull exercises to get maximum impact, for example doing  10 reps of incline chest press immediately followed by 15 push ups, as one set. Or combining different muscles groups in one set, lat pull downs with dumbell squats.

At the end of my 4 week programme i’d lost 29cm and 2kg in weight, delighted. I ‘m hoping to get more sessions with Leanne once she moves to Oriam gym in Edinburgh. If you’re in the area and looking for a PT i’d highly recommend her!


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