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3 Day Doms

Hello there, long time, no posts…..again! Well, this time there’s been good reason, I had surgery. This year was the big 30 for me and I decided I’d FINALLY get the surgery I’ve been wanting for around 10 years, mastopexy and augmentation (boob job and a lift), so I’ve been out of gym action for quite a while.

I started back around 6 weeks after surgery with some very light non-impact cardio – stair master and the stepper, then at 8 weeks I did my first bi, tri and shoulders work out. It was great to be back in the gym and lifting again. Then on Friday I did my first leg session, was pretty disappointed that my squat weight was down to 60kg 😦 Did some leg press with 100 kg on the machine, hamstring curls, leg extensions and abductors. Finished off with some smith machine lunges and sumo squats with a dumbbell, my legs were shaking during the lunging. Woke up through the night on Friday with THE worst DOMS ever! On Saturday I could barely move, stairs made me cry. I was pretty surprised at how badly my body reacted to the workout, I did stretch afterwards, but I guess I should have eased back in a bit slower. Today is now Monday and I’m still gingerly walking around in a Bambi-like fashion. Hoping I can make it to the gym tonight for a back workout…..

Anyway, just thought I would quickly post to say i’m back, next few posts I plan on writing about my surgery, the why, who, where, recovery and results……


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