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The Booby Diaries – Part 1

October 2016 I went ahead and got a very much longed for boob job, it’s been one of the best decisions of my life and having read lots of other peoples stories about their experiences I thought I’d share my own here.

In October 2016 I went ahead and got a very much longed for boob job, it’s been one of the best decisions of my life and having read lots of other people’s stories about their experiences I thought I’d share my own here.

Ok, so I guess we’ll start with the why. As a teenager I started putting on weight, being allowed to make my own food choices was not good for me, I ate chocolate, crisps and takeaways like they were going out of fashion. Fast forward to age 20 and I realised I was pretty overweight and needed to do something about it, so I joined a slimming club. It worked great, I lost 3 stone in 2 months, woohoo, but ewww what happened to my boobs? They ended up like small deflated pouches 😦 following the weight loss I took up running and that only compounded the problem. I didn’t wear sports bras and all that bouncing and gravity wasn’t very kind to what was left of them. I made do with wearing padded bras but hated seeing myself naked.

Fast forward a few more years and the grand old age of 30 I decided it was time. I did some (a lot) of online research to find a UK surgeon who had done a lot of operations and achieved the look I was going for and narrowed it down to 2. The first surgeon turned out to have a less than impressive bed-side manner. He asked all the right questions about why I was there, what look I wanted, if I had thought about it properly etc etc. Then came the unveiling of my saggy boob area. I wasn’t concerned about getting my top off in front of him, he even had a student in with him, he’s a surgeon, he’s seen it ALL before I’m sure.

But…..after he’d done his assessment I felt pretty awful. He made lots of umms and ahhs and commented on the weight loss, he then explained I would have to have a breast lift too. He went into lots of detail about why I’d need one, nipple too far below the crease, loss of volume and the potential for ‘double bubble’ (Google images has plenty of examples) if he went in with just implants and no lift. I could take that, I’d kind of half expected it. He then told me how he could only do it in two operations and not in one. I’d end up with full anchor scarring (a scar all the way around the nipple, down the front and in the crease, looks like an anchor funnily enough). What’s more, he’d have to reduce my nipple size as they were too big – I’d never ever thought this before. Oh and it would cost a princely 12K and as I’d need the two ops I should look to book 2 x 3 weeks off work, 6 months apart. Wow, I felt horrendous after that and at 12K, it seemed I’d never be able to afford new boobs. Yes, yes I know money shouldn’t be an important factor, but it is!

On to the second surgeon then…..

This time around was SO much better, he took lots of time understanding why I wanted surgery, took into account the job I do, exercise etc etc. When he did the examination there was no uncomfortableness, he didn’t make me feel like a disproportionate monster, like the previous one. His statement was ‘these boobs do not match this body’, which summed up perfectly why I was there! He agreed that I did indeed need a lift but that they were suitable to be done in one operation with the implants too, I’d still end up with the full anchor scarring though. This concerned me quite a bit.

Doing the research before getting surgery is a double edged sword. On one hand you see all the really great jobs that many surgeons have done but you also come across lots of examples of where it goes horribly wrong. My main concern with the anchor scarring was that I may end up with keloid scars, as I do have a small amount of that around a different scar on my body.

Anyway, the surgeon, Mr Quaba at SPIRE Murrayfield in Edinburgh showed me lots and lots of examples of other great work he had done. Not all of these were good though, he did show examples where some had been adamant they wanted bigger implants than he suggested, some that didn’t adhere to the rest periods after surgery. He seemed to want to make sure I 100% knew what I was getting into. One of my other worries was that I might lose my nipple, as it was being repositioned, in line with the lift. He assured me that he has never lost a nipple, not even 1% of a nipple, but there was still a teeny tiny chance it could happen.

On to sizers! This was the best bit. A nurse helped me put on an oversized bra and different sized implants are put in, then put a tight vest top over the top to see how they would look. We went through small, medium and large implants. I wanted to take them home there and then so I could start seeing what it would look like with ‘proper’ boobs! We also went through different profile types, we settled on a high profile and a medium-ish implant, to be decided on during surgery. Now, some people might not like the idea of allowing a surgeon to decide during surgery, but I trusted him. He talked about balancing my hips out but making sure they weren’t too big for my shoulders and (being a chemist) making sure they were still work appropriate. And we went for silicone.

The cost for the lift (which is medically called mastopexy) and impants would be £7500. I called the following week to confirm that I wanted to go ahead with it. Eeek, one step closer to new boobs!

Coming Up in Part 2; The Surgery!




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