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The Booby Diaries – 6 month update

6 months -how time flies! A check up at 6 months is optional but as I still had one little issue I thought I’d better go see the surgeon. Everything has healed exceptionally well, the scarring is no where near as bad as I had expected, enough dropping has happened that you can’t see the underneath scar. Some people might not the like the dropping but I think it makes them look very natural.

Now, I know I said i’d put up photos but i’ve totally chickened out. When there was all the swelling and bandages it didn’t feel like they belonged to me, like they weren’t my boobs?! Now, 6 months on, it feels like i’ve always had them, so posting photos of my boobs for everyone to see just seems a bit weird. That said, if anyone is considering breast lift surgery and would like to see the scarring photos feel free to drop me a message.

So, the small issue I still have is that one nipple is still lacking sensitivity and colour. The surgeon assessed me and thinks I may still get the sensitivity back, it can take up to a year for the nerves to completely reconnect. The colour is unlikely to come back though. It’s basically stayed the same colour as the rest of the breast tissue, lost the pink-iness. Thankfully nipple tattooing is apparently fairly normal thing to do so i’ve asked to be put in touch with someone the hospital recommends. I know I could go to any tattooist but I just feel like i’d rather get it done in a medical setting, weird? Perhaps it’s because I don’t have any other tattoos i’m sightly nervous…

There is still the occasional odd sharp pain that runs through my boobs, more so if i’ve been sleeping on my front, seemingly normal. I can do anything I want sports-wise, running, jumping etc and there’s no pain and they bounce, no solid stiff boobs here!

I’ve gone from a 34B to a 34DD and I couldn’t be happier, anyone thinking about it then just go for it!!


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