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M&S Sports Bras

Shopping for sports bras can be pretty difficult; working out whether or not a bra will provide enough support, be comfortable, look ok under sport clothes and be able to withstand lots of washing can be a mine field. I’ve tried lots and lots of different types of sports bras and always find myself coming back to good old Marks and Spencers. They’ve recently upped their game in terms of designs and have lots to choose from AND (the best bit IMO) you can get expertly measured and fitted so you know you’re getting the best support possible.

So, I thought I’d show you my favourite M&S sports bras…..

If you’ve been reading recent posts you’ll know I had breast surgery, this is what led me to M&S in the first place. I was looking for a seam free front opening/closing bra, they had them in abundance!  The first sports bra pictured below is described as ‘high impact, zip front padded sports bra’. It feels super soft, the front zip is super easy to fasten and even has a soft cover over the zip so it doesn’t dig into your skin.

It’s a full coverage bra and makes you feel very secure. The inside of the bra is completely seam free so it’s incredibly comfortable and doesn’t leave you with any marks on your boobs after wearing. The padding in the bra is in-built so it isn’t obvious, I find a lot bras that have those triangl-y things make it look very apparent – especially after washing.  I love this one so much I have in in the black/purple combo pictured here and in a white/peach combo.

In terms of gym activities I’d say this bra can be used for pretty much anything; high impact cardio classes, spin, treadmill running, jumping etc., if you prefer a little bit more security though then I’d recommend the ‘extra high’ impact version. This one is pretty much the same as the ‘high’ impact one except it doesn’t have the padding and keeps you even more secure. I’ve worn the Shock Absorber ‘Run’ Sports Bras and think that this M&S bra beats it hands down in terms of comfort, security, style and price.

Each of the bras in this post cost £25 and are available at larger M&S stores.

Have any of you tried the M&S bras or have any recommendations for any other brands?


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