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Volume Training

I’m relatively new to volume training but thought I’d look into it as I was getting pretty bored with my weight lifting routines, now I try to incorporate it for upper and lower body at least once per fortnight. It’s great if want a change or if you’re in a busy gym and can’t get access to lots of equipment. So what is it?

The proper name for it is German Volume Training (GVT) and is thought to have originated in the ’70s, in German (it’s in the name!).

It’s basically doing the same exercise for 10 sets of 10 reps, 100 reps in total, with a rest in between each set of 60 – 90 seconds. The idea is that you need to be able to complete the whole 100 reps with the same weight, not finding it too easy or too hard.  If you find it too hard then lower the weight and continue until you complete the whole 100 reps, next time start with the lower weight.

Apparently it’s only really supposed to be done with compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, military press BUT I love doing it as a bicep curl/tricep extension superset, it makes my arms burn – love it!

Give it a go the next time you’re in the gym!


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