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Current Training Split – Before the Half

Hello there! Today I thought I’d document down my current weight training split before I start half marathon training. Partly for my own benefit so I can get back to it after the run and partly for anyone who might might be interested. Obviously, a couple of caveats…..this is my plan, I’ve been training for a couple of years, if you plan on doing this routine you should have a good level of fitness, seek medical advice etc. In the next couple of posts I’ll detail out the actual exercises done in each session.


Every session I start with a 5 minute incline walk on a treadmill to warm up, incline of 9 and speed of 6km.

Monday: Back and shoulder, more focus on heavy back weights. Followed by a 20 minute tabata session.

Tues: Legs, focus on heavy weight low reps, followed by 30 mins of incline walking on the treadmill.

Wed: Biceps and triceps, then HIIT on the spin bike for 15 mins, 30 seconds high intensity, 30 seconds rest, the RPM for this is 160 rpm for high intensity and 100 rpm for the rest – each bike will be slightly different though.

Thurs: Rest

Fri: Legs, focus on volume, lots of reps, lower weights then 30 mins incline walking on the treadmill.

Sat: Shoulders and back, with more focus on the shoulders, followed by a 20 minute tabata and incline treadmill walking if I have time/have the energy!

Sun: Rest

Now, just to work out how I can keep the weight sessions in whilst doing the half marathon training, hmmm! Will post my full workouts in the next posts whilst I try and come up with a balanced plan for the next 14 weeks!


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