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Aberdeen Half Marathon

27th August saw the first ever Simply Health Aberdeen Half Marathon and I completed it! On the morning of the race I was incredibly nervous, my training hadn’t exactly gone to plan; there were runs that ended in me having to phone for a lift home as I was just too tired to carry on.… Continue reading Aberdeen Half Marathon

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Current Training Split – Before the Half

Hello there! Today I thought I’d document down my current weight training split before I start half marathon training. Partly for my own benefit so I can get back to it after the run and partly for anyone who might might be interested. Obviously, a couple of caveats…..this is my plan, I’ve been training for… Continue reading Current Training Split – Before the Half

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Volume Training

I’m relatively new to volume training but thought I’d look into it as I was getting pretty bored with my weight lifting routines, now I try to incorporate it for upper and lower body at least once per fortnight. It’s great if want a change or if you’re in a busy gym and can’t get… Continue reading Volume Training

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M&S Sports Bras

Shopping for sports bras can be pretty difficult; working out whether or not a bra will provide enough support, be comfortable, look ok under sport clothes and be able to withstand lots of washing can be a mine field. I’ve tried lots and lots of different types of sports bras and always find myself coming… Continue reading M&S Sports Bras

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The Booby Diaries – Part 2

Operation day! We drove to the hospital and checked in around 1pm, paid and was shown to my private room. Soon after a nurse did the pre-op checks; height, weight, blood pressure, medication, checked I hadn’t eaten from 10pm the night before, allergies etc. The anaesthetist came to explain the process (I’ve had anaesthetic many… Continue reading The Booby Diaries – Part 2

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3 Day Doms

Hello there, long time, no posts…..again! Well, this time there’s been good reason, I had surgery. This year was the big 30 for me and I decided I’d FINALLY get the surgery I’ve been wanting for around 10 years, mastopexy and augmentation (boob job and a lift), so I’ve been out of gym action for quite… Continue reading 3 Day Doms

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Hiring a PT!

Recently I decided to employ the services of Leanne Forker, an Edinburgh based PT to kick my bum in to shape, and kick it she certainly did! She took one of the Grit Cardio classes at the gym local to me, her crazy enthusiasm and her being in prep for a bodybuilding competition motivated me… Continue reading Hiring a PT!