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Aberdeen Half Marathon

27th August saw the first ever Simply Health Aberdeen Half Marathon and I completed it! On the morning of the race I was incredibly nervous, my training hadn’t exactly gone to plan; there were runs that ended in me having to phone for a lift home as I was just too tired to carry on.… Continue reading Aberdeen Half Marathon

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Current Training Split – Before the Half

Hello there! Today I thought I’d document down my current weight training split before I start half marathon training. Partly for my own benefit so I can get back to it after the run and partly for anyone who might might be interested. Obviously, a couple of caveats…..this is my plan, I’ve been training for… Continue reading Current Training Split – Before the Half

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Spring has sprung!

Hello! Spring is finally here and I for one am extremely delighted! Driving to work when it’s light and coming home again……..when it’s still light is amazing!  I’ve been a bit quiet lately as I’ve had a terrible time getting over a bad cold/perhaps a touch of flu, haven’t we all lately? Anyhow, yesterday was… Continue reading Spring has sprung!